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The Difference Between Strategy and Planning: And Why It Matters

The Difference Between Strategy and Planning: And Why It Matters

What's the difference between strategy and planning? Many people use the two words interchangeably, but they actually have different meanings. Strategy is about making decisions that will achieve your desired outcome, while planning is about putting those strategies into action. We'll discuss the difference between strategy and planning, and why it matters for your business

Innovation in Contact-Tracing, Privacy, & Security in the COVID-19 era

Innovation in Contact-Tracing with COVID-19

UPDATED: 2020 Oct 29

In the fight to combat the spread of COVID-19, governments throughout the world have been considering the use of digital contact-tracing apps. Contact-tracing apps seek to interrupt the onward transmission of the coronavirus by identifying and notifying recent contacts of an infected person in an anonymous fashion. Privacy issues have been central to the considerations of how such technology should be implemented to achieve this important public health objective with the least impact on the privacy of individuals.

Log4j Vulnerability  <a href=''>Technology photo created by -</a>

Log4J Vulnerability Response

It's been widely reported, and widely felt, and both for the most unfortunate. A new zero-day exploit has been reported targetting the well-established Log4J2 library allowing an attacker to remotely execute instructions. The vulnerability has been reported with CVE-2021-44228 against the log4j-core jar and has been fixed in Log4J v2.15.0.

The Untapped Resource Businesses Need to Grow: Automation

The Untapped Resource Businesses Need to Grow: Automation

Automation is the key to growth. By automating simple tasks, businesses can free up employees to do what only they are capable of doing - automation frees them up for more complex work or even allows them to take on new roles and responsibilities within the company.

2FA MFA Multifactor Authentication

Up Your Account Security with Multifactor Authentication

Multi-factor authentication (MFA; 2FA…etc) is a digital authenticator process where a user presents 2 or more verification methods to grant access to a website/application with another level of security. 2FA protects your devices, accounts, and data (which may include personal information,  physical location, database or financial assets) from being accessed by an unauthorized user or third party. A single password is not always enough as they can be revealed through other unlawful methods.

A single password is an essential security measure, but often not foolproof.

Business Operational Agility is Crucial for Becoming and Staying Competitive

It's an Agile World, We're Just Living in it

In order to be successful in today's business climate, it is crucial to be operationally agile. This means that you need to be able to rapidly make decisions in order to adjust the utilization of your supply chain assets. This can manifest itself in a number of ways, such as modifying production lead times, manufacturing cycle times or lot sizes. By being able to react quickly to short-term demand and supply volatility, you can stay competitive in today's market.