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Your online business partner since 2005

The years have flown. iTristan Media Group Inc. has – like the internet itself – evolved through multiple phases of services, demographics, platforms, staff and clients. Approaching 20 years we have evolved out from what we thought of as a creative technical company to a Creative Business Interactive Think Tank that happens to use technology as its foundation.

We used to need to explain how the technology worked – usually to blank stares, quite understandably. We learned to focus on the business and the possibilities. Once we got over the technology we became free to broaden the discussion for clients – where their opportunities could take them.

Of course this doesn't mean that iTristan Media Group is not fundamentally a creative and technology company, of course we are. But it's not about the technology. That follows. We align our thinking with the idea; the creative; the crazy, the brilliant; the audacious and then we start to consider how technology will be crafted to make it happen.

This is liberating for us and for our clients. And it makes the creative business building process a joy.

Meet Our Crew

Sensors indicate human life forms 30 meters below the planet's surface. Stellar flares are increasing in magnitude and frequency. Set course for Rhomboid Dronegar 006, warp seven!

Jason Agouris


With a prolific execution of vision and product development, this energetic leader brings a vast knowledge of digital business experience. Well rounded in business management, programming and product positioning, Jason is lead of platform product development for the software engineering team, and provides a means of checks and balances for the entire vision.

Sandi Madison

Senior Designer

Sandi is a self-professed “designerd” with a creative and a playful way of approaching chaos within Front end and UX Design. With over 15 years experience in Design and Technology, her strengths lie in an ability to integrate clients’ needs into forward thinking solutions, providing an engaging user experience.

Antonio Zdilar


Learn. Do. Deliver.
First and foremost, problem solver - it just happens Antonio solves problems in software development. Extremely fast at learning new technologies.

Shah Junaid Ahmad

Web Administrator

Logic is the beginning of wisdom, not the end. Handling DNS, SSL, WHMCS, Open SRS, WHM, cPanel, ProxMox and all the Domain configurations

Gaurav Bhardwaj

Senior Web Developer

With the first link, the chain is forged. Using his Bachelor of Technology in Computer Science with a specialization in Networking, Gaurav is ready to adress your specific needs and translate it into code.

We align our thinking with the idea.

The creative, the crazy, the brilliant, the audacious.

And then consider how technology will be crafted to make it happen.

It's a Possibilities conversation first

Business goals, creative blue sky-ing, conceptual development, global domination – the Why of your venture (we love the Simon Sinek TED Talk). We want to hear about your ideas first. It doesn't have to be complete, thorough or even completely coherent. It just needs to be your "brain dump" of where you see your business, venture and creativity going first. Forget about the technology details, that will come later.

It's a Technology conversation second

iTristan Media Group is about connecting your core, inner purpose Why to the What and the detailed How of getting it done. Yes, of course, systems, platforms, frameworks, CMSs, CMFs, and integration protocols are going to come into the conversation. It's after we work out the What in your ideas that we will develop the How.

Always Be Adapting

Ever-Evolving Perspective and Offerings

Technology evolves. Techniques adjust accordingly. Changes are linear. Disruptive technology changes change.

We are obsessively driven by the applications of change and disruption. Sometimes it's obvious, sometimes shifts happen more slowly. We watch and test and work with new approaches constantly to see how our clients can foresee how they can compete better, reach their audience more effectively and reach their goals more quickly. Best of all, however, we work to find new goals, audiences and markets they might never have considered; to find new possibilities.

Offering a blend of Product Integrations, Custom Integrations, Operating Platform Applications and Custom Applications became a result of years of evolution. It was inevitable, and it will always remain inevitable.

We came to the realization that as we grew and excelled, iTristan Media Group was fulfilling a need that our clients weren't getting elsewhere, mainly that our vision of Digital Business included a three-dimensionally-connected world of operations to marketing to customer service and retention.

Clearly our philosophy was different.

By driving the data speed and agility process, we were giving our clients the tools they needed to provide more services, products and customer relationship management faster and bigger than ever before. Their footprint, their ability to be big grew and grew even if their staff didn't need to.

We started to build million dollar businesses for clients. They came back again and again. We started getting calls from around the world looking for what we had built, and could build.

It wasn't just marketing; it wasn't just design; it wasn't just integration; it wasn't just applications. It was all of the above.

iTristan Media Group is your partner for Digital Business creative, consulting and technology from deep operations, to global implementation

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