What is Truth? What is Fake?

digBiz Podcast ep 13 | What is Truth? What is Fake?


Truth, Validation, and Confidence in a Secure Internet

digBiz Episode 13 | with Steve Prentice

It may sound like a sci fi, but what happens when you have trouble understanding what is true? I don't mean a simple fact like what's the fastest land animal; but what about entire discussions, debates, scientific findings, election results? What about the very people or organizations you may be interacting with online? What about actual people you may even be speaking with in real time? Over video? The very notion of having confidence in truth is central to the story of civilization -- and it's under threat.

We're joined today by Steve Prentice to discuss What is truth, and what is fake.


Today, on digBiz we're joined by Steve Prentice, professional speaker, published author, writer, journalist, project manager, university lecturer, and consultant, who helps people, businesses, and technology understand each other

"What is truth anyway?"

It's either a thousand year-old philosophical discussion, or a mantra for our times. Probably both. Either way it's a chilling statement on how the very freedoms that define our social self awareness are also central to the very fragmentation of that social cohesion thanks to the power of the internet.

What does it mean when we make a claim to truth online? How do we decide when and how a person, company, or organization should represent itself as a real entity? How do we know they're real? Finally, is all of this shaking our faith in our fellow citizens and institutions?

Markers you may want to jump to:

02:20 Social Engineering and Cybercrime
04:00 Not-so-Secure Enterprise Fortresses
07:30 The state of current online validation
10:00 Am I really speaking to who I think I'm speaking to? Not just for Hollywood anymore.
15:00 Security literacy
17:00 Global alignment on a security model; when is it ok to be anonymous online?
20:00 Drawing the line in the sand for anonymity, freedom, and validation
23:40 Blockchain
25:00 Blockchain digital ID security concerns
28:00 If you are not paying for it. You *are* the product.
30:00 Fake on top of fake on top of fake.
33:00 COVID-19 Notification app
38:30 What would it take to change our skepticism fully?
42:00 Are people as individuals capable of making these decisions on our own?
45:00 Behind the scenes bad actors and manipulation
47:00 Vet your truths; strategies for sniffing out pseudo-journalism
50:45 What do we do about it?
53:00 Social cohesion. What does this mean to our sense of society?
59:00 So who can be the drivers?

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