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    Delivering Excellent User Experience Visitors Enjoy So Much that They Buy and Return



Imagine Your Professional Business Website Has the Powerful Applications You Need and You Can Easily Manage Them Too…

Of course you can have all that.

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Yes, We’re Responsive

Responsive sites were a nice-to-have frill a few years ago,
Today they are a necessity.

After we analyzed our clients’ sites, we found that up to 86 percent of site views came from non-desktop computer traffic. Whether your site appears on tablets, smartphones, large or small monitors, your site will be responsive.

Just a Website Design or Website Code?


Right now you may be thinking, “I’m just looking into getting our website designed.
We just need a website.”

Many of our clients have told us that over the years. We’re happy those clients are still with us today and they are much larger. Even better, they’ve reached their business goals faster with less stress. And you would too. Why?


Long before we set our designers and programmers loose creating your professional new website, design and code, it only makes sense that we dive deep into your:

  Technical strategy

  Growth objectives

  Systems implementation needs

Our overall website strategy includes complete business operations and goals from administration to marketing and operations. That way, your business objectives and goals are exceeded.
Can you see how asking you the right questions makes a difference? 


Your Website is the Core of your Digital Business Strategy


website ecosystem


Our web systems are robust and scalable; so new technologies are easily implemented when the time comes.


Once we’ve collaborated on your website strategy you will achieve excellence in your business goals. You can trust iTristan Media Group for a sophisticated website. What you need is code that gives your website visitors what they really want… a user interface (UI) that delivers an excellent user experience (UX) they enjoy so much that they buy, and return.  


Transition from Startup to Large Scale Operation

We can also help your company through its transition from small startup through to a large scale operation because we understand your growth and resource challenges.


Extensive Business Strategy for Websites

Extensive Business Strategy

But more importantly, we can help you quickly grow your business. We collaborate with you to determine where your business is and the level of business growth you would like to achieve.

Using the data, we uncover the extensive business strategy we’ll take to get you there.


Excellent User Experience and Code

Efficient Code for an Excellent User Experience

With that strategy, our in-house code developer magicians will develop efficient code that gives your website visitors what they really want… a user interface (UI) that delivers an excellent user experience (UX).

Effective Implementation

Effective Implementation

If you want your visitors to have an enchanting user experience, you need an equally effective website implementation.

All the data we collected will guide us in implementing your website on a super-reliable, eye-popping, fast server. (No need to call your optometrist, really.)

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Technical Audit Programmes

From the hacked web site to project development that has stalled due to technology or inadequate scope development are but two pain points we address. As your business evolves and grows, it must adapt to new market conditions, new competitive challenges and new opportunities. Changing your process, however, requires that you understand clearly where you are in order to determine where you want to be.

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Programming Technology

Technology we Work With

 We are extremely selective about the software, platform, database and framework choices we make for our products, and for our client systems. You will not see, here on our sites, an SEO-obsessed list of any and all CMS systems, languages or acronyms known to humanity; instead, a carefully and slightly obsessively curated choice based on developer environment, ecosystem, architectural clarity, scaleability, and most of all, your business use case.

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Now you may be wondering “will our website crash from increasing our website traffic?”

Not a chance. That’s because we consistently work with you to ensure your server always has the power, storage and bandwidth resources to easily handle your increased web traffic.

In other words, we keep in touch with you monitoring your growing needs every step of the way.

You’ll come to know this comprehensive strategy as the trifecta of the modern website experience. 

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  • Planning & Strategy is Everything

    We consider all aspects of business operations, orders, fullfilment, accounting, marketing and sales intake process.
    Even for startups this must be worked into strategic planning.

    We tie together technical flow, with design, marketing, conversion strategy, UX strategy and operations. It's all one now.