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Contact Innovation, Privacy & Security in the COVID-19 era

06. 08. 2020Editor
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Contact Innovation, Privacy & Security in the COVID-19 era

digBiz Podcast ep 12 | Alan Cacic on Innovation and Customer Experience in B2B and B2C Payments Online

12. 07. 2020Editor
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There is a much deeper place for payment systems strategy to play in your business that go beyond fees…

The Recovery Will Be Digital

04. 04. 2020Editor
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There is no crystal ball, no one can guarantee what is going to happen, but even if you discount political…

Remote Work Has Always Been a Thing

07. 03. 2020Editor
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Remote Work != working from home sometimes.

Data Migration is an Increasingly Important Part of the Data Transformation Business Planning Landscape

26. 02. 2020Editor
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Envisioning and unlocking new value opportunities can be one of the longer term processes in understanding…

The DDoS Lay of the Land: Hack Attacks, Zombies, Warehouses, and Moats

08. 02. 2020Editor
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Welcome to the world of DDoS. Distributed Denial of Service attacks are like a zombie swarm around your…

digBiz Podcast ep 11 | Daniel Mazurkiewicz on The Business Software Value Cycle

14. 01. 2020Editor
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Whether you're a shiny new startup ready to take on the world, or an old school industry player evolving…

What having a really narrow driveway taught me about business

29. 10. 2019Editor
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Thousands of runs in and out of our extremely narrow driveway re-wires your brain. I'm convinced of that.

Google is good at making money: Maps Edition

10. 09. 2019Editor
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The world has stumbled into a dependence on Google Maps. Addiction, really – and Google knows it.

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